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Create Something Unique


Our Christchurch-based architectural design team specializes in residential homes, whether it is a traditional, contemporary or modern design that you prefer. We design both new homes and house alterations throughout New Zealand. We enjoy spending time with our clients to find out specifically what you really want, giving you superior service and added value.

"We have always offered a very personal service. Everything we do is based around our clients, and we enjoy creating great design solutions for them." - Marc Coulthard, Managing Director.

As well as fantastic architectural designs to suit your style and taste, we provide easy to understand plans and documents. And our superior 3-D rendering of designs show you just how your new home or alteration will look once completed.

We also have very flexible meeting arrangements and are happy to meet with you after hours at your home to suit your schedule.

Get in touch to discuss designing your next home or alterations.



Level 1, 119e Montreal Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand

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